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Flooded house
We understand the overwhelming and helpless emotions that a home or business owner are dealing with when seeing their personal property submerged in water or covered in soot. Providing solutions and answers to people who are going through what may be the most dramatic experience of their lives is what motivates our team to come into work every day. Our team understands the sense of urgency to return your lives and property to pre-loss conditions and balances that sense of urgency with the delicacy of these situations.
Mitigation can be a multifaceted process and Prompt Restoration has the experience and trained team members to excel in all areas of this process including structural drying, contents cleaning, inventory, packing and storage and mold and fire cleanup. Any or all of these processes may be necessary to prepare your home or business for the reconstruction process. All Prompt Restoration mitigation supervisors that will be in your home or business working have been trained with years of experience and compassion for your situation and certified in all areas of the mitigation process. Our teams will arrive on time and in uniform with equipment that is up to date and efficient.

Structural Drying

When the structure of your home or business has been exposed to water structural drying needs to be done promptly to maintain the structural integrity of these materials and prevent possible growth of mold. As stated above we will use the most up to date equipment available along with the science of advanced structural drying.

Contents Processing

While most parts of your home or business can be repaired or replaced we understand that some of the personal contents hold extreme sentimental value and cannot so easily be repaired or replaced. Therefore it is imperative to perform this service with compassion and patience. Prompt Restoration will photograph, inventory, clean, pack and warehouse all salvageable contents. We will also photograph, inventory and dispose of all non-salvageable contents but only after a written consent form has been signed by the owner of the contents. You will receive a record in book and CD form of all inventory lists and photographs at the completion of this process.

Mold Remediation

The presence of mold is discovered in the aftermath of many disasters where structures have been exposed to water or moisture. This exposure comes from many different sources and can include water hoses from the fire department extinguishing a fire, a flood and even a home or business that has been left to sit with no climate control. Mold can be a health risk and should be treated and contained to the effected area immediately and by trained and certified technicians. Prompt Restoration mitigates hundreds of mold claims per year. We are certified with the IICRC in AMRT. We will use our vast experience and training to make sure your situation is handled quickly, professionally and most of all leaving your home or business safe for occupancy.
A typical remediation job performed by Prompt Restoration could, but is not limited to, the following sequence:
~A certified inspector from Prompt Restoration will meet you at your home or business to do a visual inspection and create an estimate along with a plan of attack.
~At a pre-scheduled time, a fully uniformed and certified team will arrive to begin the process of removing the mold from your home or business. These processes usually will start with containing the area that is affected from the rest of the structure. The affected areas are then cleaned free of mold by several different processes which could include ICE/SODA Blasting, HEPA vacuuming, wire brushing and a lot of detailed hand cleaning. We will place air scrubbers inside of the containment to cleanse the air while the work is being performed. We will also make sure the climate is stabilized to ensure moisture levels are at the appropriate levels. After all of the services are completed the affected areas will be encapsulated.
~In most cases, Prompt Restoration will retain the services of an Industrial Hygienist to perform a third party testing and clearance of work performed. It is important that this testing be done by a third party with no invested interest in the outcome of the testing.

Fire Cleanup

Prompt Restoration’s experienced fire restoration technicians understand that areas visually unaffected by fire damage are still a risk to homeowners. Soot will permeate through the cavities of a structure, causing unseen odor and damage. Prompt Restoration technicians will work to remove the unseen odor and damage from your home or business using their years of experience in the fire cleanup industry. Prompt Restoration has been a leader in the reconstruction portion of disaster cleanup since 2006 and we use our knowledge of building structures to better identify areas and cavities that smoke may have permeated.