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Letters of Recommendation

Please keep note that all of our clients personal information has been taken out of the letters:


Sabrina C.


Dear Sirs:
This note of thanks is extremely overdue. I just wanted to thank Prompt Restoration for a job well done. As is I’m sure quite common, I was reeling as I reacted to the traumatic impact of a fire in the house. Prompt was instrumental in not only putting my house back in order but in given me what seems like a brand new home that I am extremely happy with. I cannot thank the Prompt family enough. You have a great talented staff that is customer service focused and top notch. There are several Prompt employees that I particularly want to recognize and thank for all their hard work and for helping me to feel at ease.
Steve Riedel, as the estimator on my job, was the first person that I interfaced with at Prompt. His initial engagement and customer rapport with not only me but my insurance agent really influenced me in choosing Prompt to do the repair work. He has always been extremely thorough and always extremely responsive to all my questions. I also appreciate how he has remained engaged throughout the entire process taking the time to drop by and check in with me on the work progress. He has been a true pleasure to work with!
Brian Elphage, my project manager, is a true gem. I honestly don’t know how he does it with all the jobs he manages to juggle. He is extremely hard working and knowledgeable about all aspects of home renovation and repair. He always made sure the right people with the right skill set and expertise were on hand to do a great job. I recognize what a tough job Brian has in that he becomes the direct point person for homeowner interface, must manage the resources and schedule for every project, all while staying on budget with this extensive effort multiplied many times over for all the projects he leads. He has always responded quickly to all my infinite questions and I must say also has the memory of an elephant. Every little thing that I may have mentioned in passing, he remembered and ensured got done. The success of my job would not have been possible without all of his efforts.
The tag team of Tony and Dave is worth their weight in gold. I had the pleasure of interfacing with Tony and Dave consistently for the extent of the repair work. They put my mind at ease in that I knew I was always getting things done at the utmost quallity. Their extreme attention to detail and tremendous work ethic is beyond comparison. I constantly marveled about how they were able to figure out solutions to construction intricacies such as designing a fix for the vinyl rail system for my angled deck. You could tell that they are always extremely conscientious and take pride in every aspect of the quality of their work. I knew I could always be confident in knowing things were being done right. They were always a pleasure to work with.
Stu and James are another duo that played a big role in my positive experience with Prompt. They always worked quickly to get the job done to the customer’s satisfaction. They quickly established a great rapport with me and I’m sure all their customers. I can certainly see how Stu is often requested by name to work on jobs. They are absolutely great!
Larry and George also deserve my thanks and recognition. They are both equally hard working and I appreciate all the care they put into the efforts they worked on.
I can’t thank you enough for all the great work by Prompt Restoration! You truly have a wonderful group of employees! In the end, it was an extremely positive experience. Thank you for making me a happy homeowner! It would not have been possible without the dedication and efforts of the folks I mentioned above. They are extremely deserving of my thanks and recognition for a job well done!
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
Sabrina C.


Doan H.


Stated in the email sent with the recommendation letter

Hello Tim and Howard –
The house at ________ is almost finish (only the deck remains) but I would like to provide this letter to give you insight of the great work Brian has done in the past 12 months with our house.
Also, sometime this week, I will also provide my feedback on Techs worked at the house.

Below is the actual recommendation letter

Hello Howard and Tim:
This is related to the _______ Property in Silver Spring. Our family and I would like the thank you Brian and his team in rebuilding the house. To give you a better context of how large the project is – the house is nearly 3000 square feet and the damages were through the house. Almost everything had to be gutted out and rebuilt from scratch.
I’d like to comment on Brian’s Project Management skills:
~Timeliness: Brian signifies promptness. I am also an experience contractor (to the Federal gov’t) and rarely see anyone respond as fast as Brian to clients’ needs. Brian has always returned questions or comments at a speedy manner even if it was on the weekend or off hours.
~Within Budget: Brian always keeps an eye on the budget. For a house this large there are so many selections to be made. Brian always advises me and my family which best value selection to select to ensure we are within budget.
~Patient and Communication: This is the most important to our family. Brian has a rare gift of patience in explaining requirements and engaging clients. My Dad does not speak English fluently and has certain things he wanted for the house. Brian has always listened tentatively and provides his best solutions to meet the requirements. The results are always great and beautiful. Without this gift and skill set, I could foresee a millions things can go off track with other project managers.
~Manage client Expectation: This is a true skill of a great project manager. As with rebuilding of any house, selection and expectation can get out of hand. Brian always has been upfront in advising us on the possible impact and cost of certain options. Without this skillset, there would be cost overrun and schedule delay – which did not happen on this project.
Overall, Brian is excellent in what he does and deserves our thanks and as much recognition as possible for a job well done. His efforts were critical to the success of the project and a beautiful home resulted from his work. It was great working with Brian over the past 12 months and I would recommend him for any other project!


Allison J


To the managerial staff at Prompt Restoration,
My husband, Charles, and I want to express our appreciation for the excellent care and service we received from Prompt Restoration. No one ever expects to learn that there is a hole in their roof, and this discovery was quite overwhelming for us. We, however, were reassured by the knowledge and professionalism exhibited to us by Mr. Brian Elphage and his team. We knew immediately, that we were in the hands of experts. So often, managers just here the complaints, but all we have are accolades for your staff.
With sincere appreciation,
Allison and Charles J


James L.


I wanted to take a moment to commend Brian & his staff for the great job they did on cleaning not only the inside of my home but all the debris outside my property. They were not only thorough but fast. My hat goes off to this professional and efficient team. Cudos on a job well done.


Bill B.


We are extremely happy with the service provided by your company.
When our home was burglarized in July, we were referred to you to secure our property. Your company returned my call within 20 minutes and was on site within 40 minutes.
Both Steve and Brian helped get our estimate and managed our project in a very professional manner.
Dave and Tony completed the project with the new door installation. They arrived early in the morning. By the time Brian called to confirm they were in transit, they were already at work!
There work was professional and complete. When unexpected challenges arose, they communicated with me and discussed options. They cleaned up after the job, leaving us in a better more secure position then before they arrived.
Due to the quality of work and the expert and talented staff you employ, Prompt Restoration is now our contractor of choice!!
Thanks so much
Bill and Paula B


Alethea W.


Good morning. I had to write & tell you I had the pleasure of meeting & working with Carmen yesterday. Carmen met me at Home Depot to assist with my selections. Carmen was punctual, professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. I can’t say enough about the great staff you have at Prompt Restoration. I so enjoy working with your staff.


Gary W.


Dear Mr. Martin:
As a short-time (9) month admirer of the outstanding work that your organization (Prompt Restoration) has done in to my home has really surprised not only my family but also neighbors.
We the W. family would like to send our greatest gratitude of thanks for the work your company has done. We also would like for you to thank the following for the workmanship, skills and concerns.
1. Hugh: For his prompt service for introducing your company to us and also for providing the care bag with much needed items.
2. Keith: Who has conducted the initial process to getting the repairs started on our home with the insurance company.
3. Paul and his crew who has conducted the electrical work, they performed themselves in a very professional manner.
4. Jamie and crew who has done an outstanding job conducting inventory and removal of my personal property with an accurate list of items.
5. The framing team who was responsible for the reframing of my home.
6. Kelly Plumbing: who has done a magnificent job reinstalling the pipes and plumbing work.
7. Absolute Fire: for providing the best sprinkler system within county code.
8. The crew has done an outstanding job with the tile work for the Baths, Foyer and Kitchen.
9. The Hardwood floor crew has really made my home look open in applying these new floors.
10. Labor & Clean-up crew and assisting keeping my home clean of debris.
11. Howard for keeping the fiscal account updated.
12. Bob & Doug, these guys have done nothing but provided me with outstanding customer service, they address all my concerns in a very timely manner.
13. Mandy, I have nothing to say but she is doing a marvelous job in keeping my house list in order to ensure all of the items I have requested were placed into the home.
14. Jim & Bill: These guys are really doing their job. They really took time repairing my home to perfection. When the deck is to be installed I would like for them to conduct the installation.
I want to commend you and your company for a JOB WELL DONE! Even though we have a few minor issues which should be resolved prior to us moving back into the home they will be addressed during my walkthrough. Please pass on to your crew on behalf of the W. family; we want to thank you all on bringing our home back to life much better than before. The house really looks good from what we see so far. “BRAVO ZULU”!!! And GOD Bless you and your company.
Sincerely yours,
Gary W


Charlene H.


October 31, 2013
To whom it may concern:
I wanted to thank the people who worked on my house after the fire I had, where I lost my husband and two of my dogs. They were courteous, kind, sympathetic for my loss, and very professional. I could leave my house with the workers here and not have to worry. I wanted to especially thank:
George Baker who did all the painting and put in the longest hours. He stayed several times until 8 o’clock in the evening, so he could get the job done and came early in the morning. He also found some money in my basement, where he was working, and gave it to me. He could of kept it, because I was not aware there was any money, but he didn’t. He was friendly and very helpful. To sum it up George went above and beyond his duties.
Frankie Lopez and Jake Manley who did very professional work, putting knotty pine on the walls, sheet rock on the ceilings, and built my bar, which was down in the basement. They were both friendly and worked very hard and gave good suggestions on the work that had to be done.
Also there was Frank Holden and Celso, who worked in the basement and also did my floor. They also put in long hours to get the work done.
Then there was Patrick Estes, who made sure that the workers were doing what they were supposed to do. I could always depend on him to call me right back when I would call with questions. Without him running things, the workers might still be here working. Instead the work is finished. He also made sure all the work was done right. It was a pleasure dealing with Pat. I would say Pat went above and beyond his duties also. He made sure that I was pleased with the work and was always coming here to check on his crew to make sure everything was going on schedule.
Charlene H


Adama W.


This is Mrs W. I had a fire accident a few months ago and Brain has been very effective in handling my case. I am writing this letter, to commend him of a job well done. Also to inform you that, Brain was always ready to answer my questions, in a very timely and efficient manner.


Linda C.


We want to thank your whole team for a GREAT job on our house siding. My husband has been wanting siding for years and could not be happier with the results. Steve Riedel was very informative and did not stay for hours and hours like other salesman did; yet gave us all the information we needed to make our selections. Brian Elphage did a great job coordinating the project. You have an amazing team with Daniel and his father, they are so patient with us senior citizens and went above and beyond to make us satisfied.


Roxanna B.


We just wanted to let you know that we love Stu and Jo. They are great workers, explained things to us, as well as asked what we like or wanted. They were very prompt and cleaned up every day. They also love my chocolate chip cookies. We are pleased with the fast progress and can hardly believe the house is almost done. FANTASTIC!!!!
Thanks for all you do, Phil and Roxy B.


Valerie C.


I am writing you in reference to Brian Elphage. He is the senior project manager who handled the repairs performed on my daughters bedroom due to a fire recently. Considering the situation, my family and I were very stressed, and after meeting Mr. Elphage, there was a lot of comfort brought to my home by him. He is very professional yet compassionate about his customers and very understanding. I love that Brian consistently reassured me that everything would be okay and whatever we requested would be completed. When I did have concerns, I would call Mr. Elphage and he answered even during weekends. I am very please with the work of him and his staff and would recommend this company to a friend or family member if anything were to happen to their home. I want to  him from my family and to please keep up the great work.


Ann R.


To Whom It May Concern;
This is a letter of thanks and appreciation for the superb job done by Prompt Restoration, Inc. in rebuilding my house.
When the giant tree next to my house became uprooted during last summers derecho, it crashed through the roof, brought down the front porch and back fence and totaled my car. Another storm was predicted the following day and I needed the roof to be tarped immediately and the house secured. Fortunately someone told me about Prompt Restoration, Inc. In just a couple hours of my call the white Prompt and Board-Up trucks were at my door with a crew, who living up to their name, took care of my job quickly and painlessly.
I didn’t realize at the time that Prompt also offered contracting services. My little Pre-WWII had a front porch from 1937 that would be difficult to duplicate. I spoke to several contractors before I met Prompt Restoration’s President Jim Martin, my first question always being, can you duplicate the front porch? Those other contractors assured me they could do it, but there were other factors that came into play regarding the rebuilding of my house. I was going to need to hire and Architect, find someone to handle the permits, and hire someone who had experience dealing with the insurance company and financing. I didn’t have the time for that and frankly it seemed overwhelming. Again, I was so fortunate when my private insurance adjuster said, “I always go with Prompt”.
As soon as I met Jim Martin at my house, I immediately knew I had found the right person. He was knowledgable, reassuring and understood my fixation with my porch, “That’s what makes the house” he said. His company employs every professional needed to rebuild, as well as Architects and Permit and Finance professionals. Jim also assigned me a coordinator for the project, Brian Elphage, who is one of the most efficient, patient and easy-going individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. Brian called me daily to inform me of the progress, and always responded to my calls or texts within a moments time.
I would also like to thank Bill and Jim for their work on the front porch – the period details took an entire day to do by hand and I appreciate it so much. Also thanks to Larry, Jose and Jess for your many and varied skills; and to Mandy and Lynette who showed great patience and attention when helping me to make my selections.
The house is finished now and it is beautiful. It looks like a new house. Of the whole crazy experience of a tree crashing through my home, rebuilding with Prompt was the easiest part. That is, thanks to Jim Marin and all of his Professionals. I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone looking for contracting services.
Ann R.


Hazel O.


We are very happy with our basement. Brian, Choy, Jose, Celso and Mac Daddy-Frank were very pleasent to work with, again we say a very happy thank you!
Oh and Ms. Mandy is truly wonderful.


Norman B.


This is just to follow up after signing the certificate of completion of the restoration work at my home in Ellicott City, and to especially comend Brian for an outstanding job coordinating the work of the Prompt Restoration Team. Brian was very responsive throughout the process and he made sure the repair teams had good instructions, and completed their respective tasks in a professional manner. I was rather impressed with Brian’s leadership as well as his effective communication skills in keeping me abreast as the work progressed. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome, and feel confident that Prompt Restoration, Brian in particularm will be responsive should any of the repairs need to be readdressed.
Thank you for a job well done!
Norman B.


Katie M.


To whom it may concern;
This is a follow-up regarding the services providedby your staff in the repairs made in my basement due to water damage to the walls and flooring. Brian and his team, Miguel and Willie, did an exceptional job and the finished work exceeded my expectations. Their services were provided and completed in a professional, courteous and timely manner. In addition to being responsive to my concerns of an unpleasant situation, the technicians were polite, clean and thorough. As the project manager, Brian Elphage, was the consummate professional in that he conveyed a sense of understanding on what needed to be done to resolve the situation. His recommendation regarding the color of the wall paint and the tile was fail-proof and I am very happy that I followed through with his advice.
On a scale of 1-10, I rate this team a 10. In terms of looking at additional work i need completed, I would request the assignment of this team because I believe their deliverables during this project is a testament to their personal work ethics and customer-centric focus. I would not hesitate having them perform additional work in my home, nor would I hesitate in recommending them for restorative work. Thanks for your prompt service.
And thank you to Brian, Miguel and Willie.
Katie M.




Brian did a great job and my house looks great. He always informed me as to the time schedule and the next step.


James W.


A few weeks ago, a room in my house was reconstructed due to damage from a water leak and a mold remediation project. I am pleased to report that the room looks as if nothing happened.
Brian, Anthony and Larry (from Prompt Restoration, Inc.) coordinated the repairs in an experienced and professional manner. I would not hesitate to use your company again (although I hope this type of need doesn’t repeat itself).
Please provide these folks with a copy of this letter, and you may show it to others when appropriate.
James W.


Sean S.


I am writing to express my pleasure with the job Brian and the rest of his crew did on my garage. Brian was courteous, helpful, and professional at all times. He kept us informed every step of the way. The crew was diligent, clean and conscientious and Brian was obviously a great leader! As an attorney who has previously worked in consumer affairs, I have high expectations of companies i do business with. Brian truly redeemed Prompt Restoration, Inc. in my eyes and far exceeded every single one of my expectations. Our garage looks great and there is no evidence that construction took place only a very short time ago.
Please continue to employ folks like Brian and encourage such outstanding service. I would not hesitate to us Prompt Restorations again.
Sean S.


Gary W.


Please pass this on that Tony and Dave have done a very good job. Well done. Thanks for your help.


William W.


Howard Cohen,
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Brian Elphage in reference to claim# __________. Brian was very helpful and detail oriented. He answered all my questions, and addressed my concerns. The workers; which consisted of Dave, Tony, and Richard were very polite and friendly. After the work was completed, they put everything back the way it was. I recieved a follow-up call from Brian that day. I am very satisfied with the work that was done, and would recommend your company to others.
William W.