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About Us

Here at Prompt Restoration Incorporated, we strive to be industry leaders in Residential and Commercial disaster restoration.  We do this in a number of ways.  One way is the personal and professional relationships we build with our clients.  We have a team of extraordinary individuals that consistently work in unison toward the common goal of providing a great customer experience.  We offer a wide variety of services from the initial boarding up and securing of homes or businesses through the complete mitigation and reconstruction. Our services also extend to 24 hour emergency response.
From our years in the restoration industry we’ve noticed, what to us, was a large void. When a family or a company was the victim of a disaster the sequence of events that followed were almost as dramatic. It would become a full time job for the person, from the family or company,responsible for coordinating the efforts of restoration. Because so many different trades are involved in this process the scheduling and billing, not to mention quality control of work being performed, it would become extremely consuming. Jim Martin, the President and Founder of Prompt Restoration, found a solution for this void by creating a company that would “In-House” the entire restoration project. Prompt Restoration will complete the entire project with our own employees. That means the use of no subcontractors. From the initial board-up through the mitigation and concluding with the reconstruction, everyone that will be in your home or business will be employed at Prompt Restoration. Now the family member or company representative given the responsibility of coordination the restoration project has one company to deal with. That means one point of contact, one place of billing and one company to deal with for any warranty work once the project is completed. When you call Prompt Restoration, “ONE CALL, DOES IT ALL!”
Prompt Restoration has provided victim assistance in over 10,000 disasters and each year we are continuing to assist with nearly 2,500 disasters. We have the vast experience you can trust…
All Prompt Restoration Employees drive lettered vehicles and show up to your home or business in full uniform. They have all been screened and given thorough background checks, you must be able to trust who is working in your home or business. All managers have been trained in their areas of expertise and have all been certified by related organizations such as IICRC, OSHA and ACAC.
Prompt Restoration has 38 fleet vehicles and 85 employees who all have their own unique skill sets which all play a part in restoring your home or business back to or even better than pre-loss conditions.